Advertisement Policy

CarPoint has a wide range of high-quality content including blogs, articles, and others available on our website. To help you understand better our advertising policy and to reach your maximum marketing experience and advertising objectives, keep on reading.

Tracking Techniques to Collect Data

Information is collected from several users present on different websites, whenever a user visits that website we save their data in the form of several techniques. Usually, these techniques are browser cookies, web beacons, flash cookies, and several other technologies.

Reasons to Use Tracking Technologies

Information from several techniques is collected to:

  • Improve performance of our website.
  • Observe your activities over the website and where you roam over the website.
  • To understand the interest of our customers and other website visitors.
  • To store the credentials that you enter on our website.
  • To show you advertisements that are according to your interest.

Interest-Based Ads

After gathering all the information we show only interest-based Ads to our customers that are engaging and according to their taste. We mostly show interest-based Ads or behavioral Ads to you, to engage you in our website and to encourage you to return to our website. We display those Ads and our third parties also show such Ads.

Ads will appear on our blogging site after approval by Google AdSense, website users will view those Ads shown by advertising partners. These Ads will show to those users who have set their cookies. These cookies help collect your information or other users that use your browser from a computer or mobile phone as mentioned above. Information saved in cookies helps AdSense to show those advertisements that are interesting for you. This Privacy Policy of CarPoint also follows the privacy rules of GDPR. This means we are collecting the personal information of our website users. To use Google AdSense we update our privacy policy according to GDPR requirements.

How We Collect Information and What We Do with it

Information is collected through your source when you interact with us through email, contact number, name, or other. Our affiliate marketing members and other third parties also use such information. Whatever you browse or what activities you perform on our website everything is being tracked.

You Can Choose the “Do Not Track” Option Also

Some websites provide a “do not track” option available through which you can choose. While some website visitors block all the cookies to not store their information. Well, this will result in not showing all the features of our website also our website will not perform well. Also even if you block all cookies still some of the trackings described here will not stop.