Terms and Conditions

  • CarPoint is a leading car selling platform where you can trade in your car in any condition. Also, you would love to enjoy the perks of selling your car with us. We help our customers to sell their cars with ease.
  • These terms and conditions will help you to understand how you can use this platform and in what ways. This includes services provided to you that you can book through this website. If you continue using these services this means that you accept these terms and conditions.
  • Before you are ready to accept these terms and conditions its better to read them carefully especially if you are going to use our service. These terms and conditions will make you understand better how we offer these services to you. if any problem occurs what you can do and other important information.

Information about us and how to contact us

  • You can contact us through our contact number +971 50 882 9990 or you can email us at info@carpoint.ae.
  • We can contact you through the email address that you provide us on our website or the postal address you provide us.

Platform Usage

  • What are the functionalities of our platform and the purpose of our website? This website helps you to sell your used car and for your help, we provide free inspection and valuation services. But to clear your doubt we never give towing service for free. During your car inspection, we don’t take responsibility for your car liability. Inspection of your car will be performed internally and externally by our experts.
  • CarPoint provides free quotes to their customers whenever they post a request by filling out our form on the website. We facilitate them with a free inspection and instant cash payment or direct bank transfer. We offer free inspection and take all the responsibility for inspection.
  • You will have access to this website until you agree to these terms and conditions. Use it for your personal use only and you will not use it for any other purpose at any cost.
  • We try our best to make this website available to you and efforts are made to ensure its availability. CarPoint has the right to make changes to the website or modify some parts, even the whole website can be changed without informing you. there might be several reasons for that, there might be an issue in accessing the website or we need to improve the functionality of our website. We make changes due to legal reasons whether in the privacy policy or the functionality of the website.
  • There is no contract as we complete the deal. The spot at your door paying cash.You can avail of our online services through our website and get a free quote within less time but you need to provide accurate and complete information. Also, our certified inspector will check your car from every aspect internally and externally.
  • You need to make your car available at the place where it was defined at the time of booking and at the exact time that was scheduled.
  • Customers will get instant payment after 30 minutes of inspection.
  • You should communicate with our experts promptly and respond to them for quick deals.
  • If we wouldn’t able to get back to you there might be a possibility that our experts are busy and we’ll notify you as soon as possible.
No booking number needed as we have intstant inspection system at your place.

Car Selling

  • Whenever an online booking is made you can ask for a scheduled date or time to get a dealing process done. Whether our experts will decide the secured date or you can decide by yourself according to your ease.
  • If in any case, we are unable to give our services at the given time, we’ll contact you on time and inform you about the delay. If you think that this is not working for you, you can cancel the deal before getting payment without any charges.

Finalize the deal

  • After fully inspecting your car our experts will provide you with a detailed report of your car that includes damages, defects or other issues in your car.
  • The inspection report is just for us to know the car health which is kept in our record to do the valuation.
  • After a complete inspection of your car, experts will analyze the actual value of your car according to the marketplace.
  • A valuation report is generated that tells you the price of your car at the rate it can be sold.
  • If the valuation report is understandable to you, finalize the deal and sell your car right away.

Customers are not charged for our representatives visit for car viewing, so appointment can be rescheduled by customer anytime.

Problem during dealing

  • If you think that there is any issue in dealing you can discuss it with our experts anytime. You need to contact us directly at our contact number available on our website.
  • In case of any issue, our experts will listen to your requests and will get back to you in less time.
  • At the time dealing if you think that you are not satisfied with the services, you can communicate with our experts and they’ll help you resolve your issue with discussion.

Payment Method

  • We ensure you that the inspection report we provide will generate the exact value of your car.
  • There are not any charges for booking the viewing appointment.
  • Towing is our respond we do not charge anything to customer.
  • We provide both cash payment and direct bank transfer, you can choose according to your convenience.
  • We never charge extra money for inspection and valuation or for other documentation at the time of car selling.

Responsibility for loss or damage suffered by you

  • After selling your car at CarPoint you get a better offer from somewhere else, and you wouldn’t be allowed to revert the deal.
  • You’ll not force other users to stop using this website or refer them to other websites.
  • You’ll be responsible for any loss that is caused due to your breach. You’ll have to compensate us for any loss caused due to you.
  • Also during the inspection of your car if there is wet weather it would be difficult to notice any damages

Restrictions and Trade Mark Ownership

  • You are not allowed to reproduce, modify, license, sell, resell or lease. Either transfer, perform or display publicly any sort of changes in the services until it is allowed by us.
  • All the content, logos, company names, trademarks, and all other details on the website are our personal property or the property of our advertising partners. You are not allowed to use any trademarks, graphics, or logos without our written permission.

Use of your personal information

We have clearly defined how we will use your personal information and how we collect this information. All these details are written in our privacy policy.

Other terms and conditions

Nobody has any right to this contract except you and us, no other person can modify or change this contract. We can change or transfer this contract to someone else but we’ll let you know before doing so. If any law declares that any point or paragraph of this agreement is not according to law then other points will remain in full force and effect.