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Privacy Policy

CarPoint takes care of your personal information and never share it with anyone without your consent. This privacy policy demonstrate you everything about privacy policy and with respect to that how law protects you.

Who we are

In this privacy policy we have clearly defined that how CarPoint collect your personal information and for what purpose we use it. including all the data that you provide us in the form of newsletter, email, contact forms or other activities you perform on our website. We never collect data from children and do not intend children to use this website. It is necessary for you to read all the privacy policy so that you should be aware that how we collect your data and how we use it and to induce fair processing of privacy policy. This privacy policy is not intended to override.


This privacy declaration is for CarPoint (“us,” “we,” or “our”) our website “” This site is referred to as If you have any queries or doubts related to this privacy policy you can contact us anytime on the details given below.


If you have any questions in your mind or any other information related to this privacy policy, please contact us anytime through following ways:

  • Email address:
  • Postal address: Mizhar 1st street 43 A Dubai UAE

If you have any issue regarding data protection, you can contact us anytime and we’ll try our website to deal with your concerns.

Changes in your information

We keep our privacy policy up to date and review it from time to time, so it is necessary to keep you data up to date in our privacy policy. If you intend to change any personal information its better to first inform us.

Third-party Links

There are several third-party links present on our website by clicking on these links you give access to other websites that are linked to our website. This allows them to share your data and collect information about you. so before going on to their website it your responsibility to read their privacy policy. When you leave our website it not our responsibility to check how other websites behave with your personal information.

What sort of data do we collect

We collect your identifiable information this means that any sort of information about you through which we can identify you. we collect different sort of data that is mentioned below:

  • Your ID ( user name, first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and other)
  • Contact details (email, address, contact, postal address)
  • Payment details ( bank card details and other payment details)
  • Transaction details (these details will give all the information of the transaction that you made with us and with our services)
  • Profile information: your interests, preferences, and reviews that you make during your visit to our website.
  • Technical data: your IP address, version, and type of your browser, operating system, and information on other ways through which you can access this website.
  • All the activities that how you use our website, where you click on our website, and the services you use.
  • We also collect demographic information that doesn’t reveal your identity. This information can be used to identify a specific feature in our website that is used the most in our website.
  • We never force you to give special categories of your personal information. That includes your belief, sex, political reviews, philosophical beliefs, and others.
If you are unable to provide your personal information with us, you wouldn’t be able to access all or some parts of our website.

Method to collect your personal information

To collect your personal information we use different methods that are:

Direct Interaction

You can provide us direct information by filling out the form on our website or when you interact with us through our email, phone number, or directly at our address. This personal information includes the data that you provide when you apply for our services or contact us for your queries.

Collecting data automatically

We use several automated techniques to collect your data while you interact with our website. We use cookies, server logs, and other techniques to collect your information. If you visit any other website and click on our links attached to that website, we’ll save your information.

In what way do we use your personal data

We use your personal data in different ways and circumstances. However, before sending you email or text messages with direct marketing messages from third parties, we will ask for your consent. In general, we do not rely on consent as a legal basis for processing your personal data. You have the option to revoke your marketing permission at any moment by getting in touch with us.

Purpose of using your personal data

We use your personal information to manage our relationship with you, we also use your contact details, profile, and identity to notify you about changes in our privacy policy. To have better maintenance of our system and use your personal information for troubleshooting. To show appropriate and relevant advertising to you that is according to your need. Your information is also used to improve the functionality of our website, having a better customer relationship experience and services. To give you suggestions about services that might be useful for you.

We may make assumptions about what you might need or want or find interesting based on your Identity, Contact, Technical, Usage, and Profile Data. This is how we select the offers, services, and goods that might be of interest to you (we call this marketing). If you have requested information from us, bought products or services from us, and have not chosen to opt out of receiving marketing communications from us, you will receive them.

Reject marketing mails

You can request to stop sending these marketing emails to you at any time, whether it’s from us or from third parties. You have the authority to ask them to not send you such irrelevant emails without your consent.


Although you can choose from your browser whether you give access to cookies of the website to collect your data or not. Not accepting the cookies policy will result in not accessing some or all parts of the website. We never process or use your personal information without your consent.

Data security

We always keep in mind the security of your data, we take care that your data is not stolen by others. Your data will not get lost or used by any unauthorized personnel, beside that we limit the access to your data. From the employees, agents, or third parties that need your data. They will use your personal data only with our consent with confidentiality.

How long we will use your data

We will use data for as long as it is used for lawful purposes or under legal rights. We use your data for quite a long time, we make your data anonymous for survey purposes. In that way it doesn’t remain personal, you can read your legal rights to know more about what you can do with your data.

Your legal rights

You have several data protection laws through which you can have access to several rights:

  • You can request to get access to your personal data and receive a copy of your personal data that we have.
  • Also, you can request to make corrections in your personal data if there are any mistakes. Although we keep your data up to date from time to time but still if there are any corrections needed, you can request to correct them.
  • You can always request to remove or delete your data from our side, although there is a possibility that we wouldn’t be able to comply with your request immediately.
  • You have the right to object whenever we try to use your personal data for marketing purposes directly.