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How to Sell a Car in Dubai: RTA Procedure

How to Sell a Car in Dubai: RTA Procedures

How to sell a car in Dubai, United Arab Emirates can be a highly stressful process, as anyone who has been through it can attest. It needs to be done in a methodical manner, which involves finishing the sale through the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

However, if you don't plan ahead adequately, it may lead to further trouble and multiple trips to the RTA. A straightforward checklist is provided by CarPoint to make selling a car in Dubai easier for you. For vehicles requiring financing, this checklist is not applicable.

The Car Selling Laws in the UAE!

You need to keep in mind the following guidelines while selling your car in Dubai for the first time:

· In the United Arab Emirates, car owners are prohibited from placing any stickers or for-sale signs within the windows of their vehicles. However, the car would be impounded if the police discovered any advertisements.

· Avoid cleaning the used automobile on the road if you intend to. In the UAE, washing and cleaning an automobile on the street is prohibited. A 100 AED fine will be imposed on anyone who is found guilty.

· Make sure that any outstanding debts, such as a mortgage, are paid off before selling your car.

Pay off Loans or Fines that are Outstanding!

Any outstanding fines can be paid off without difficulty at the time of the transfer. However, if you still owe money on your car, pay it off before going to the RTA. The RTA receives banks' electronic loan clearance filings within a few business days. Follow a few easy steps, such as paying off loans, when selling your car to simplify the process.

Choose a Time and RTA Location!

You might choose an RTA location with fewer people and shorter lineups to save time. The RTA branch in Al Barsha is a wonderful choice because it is open 24 hours a day and has many counters.

Dubai Visa for the Buyer!

Car buyers in Dubai must provide their resident visas to establish that they are Dubai residents. If the buyer lacks it, he or she must provide an Ejari contract as identification of residency. If the purchaser lacks an Ejari, they must register the vehicle in the Emirate for which they have a visa.

Car Inspection!

It is preferable to have your car tested beforehand because it must pass an RTA inspection before ownership is transferred. By doing so, you can also have various repairs made, like having old tires replaced or defective brakes fixed. Your car can simply pass the RTA inspection with the help of a few repairs. Watch out for these auto repair scams before having your vehicle repaired.

Take your Complete Documents!

The buyer and seller should make sure they bring all necessary documentation with them when they go to the RTA. The original and copy of the following documents for car selling are needed:

· Emirates ID (buyer and seller)

· Passport and visa for residence (buyer and seller)

· Mulkiya Car (sellers only)

· A valid driver's license (only for buyers); (buyer only)

· Transfer fees of around AED 300–400 (buyer only)

License Plate Number:

By providing it to the RTA during the transfer, the seller is allowed to maintain the license plate number. The RTA will continue to use the license plate for future car registrations. Additionally, the buyer will receive a new license plate from the RTA.

Salik Tag!

Even though the seller can repurpose the Salik tags, it is crucial that they remove them. The seller will be charged if the Salik tag is still present and is used by the buyer. The purchaser will receive brand-new Salik tags from the RTA. You should be completely knowledgeable about Salik and its car tags in the UAE before using them. It is a long and exhausting procedure, so don't worry! CarPoint can help you navigate it.


How to Use RTA App to Sell a Car in Dubai Online!

Would you like to sell your car in Dubai? Finish the procedure online using the RTA app.

Dubai: If you have found the ideal buyer for your car like CarPoint, you no longer need to complete the sale of the vehicle by traveling to a customer satisfaction center in Dubai. You may now apply for the transfer of ownership, sign the sale contract, and complete the transaction entirely online thanks to a new service provided by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on the Dubai Drive app.

Only by enrolling through the UAE Pass, which not only verifies your identity but also allows secure digital signatures that can be used to complete financial transactions, will you be able to access the "Change car ownership" function.

Steps to Sell a Car with RTA!

So, here are the steps to take if you want to quickly sell your car to a new owner:

·The "Dubai Drive" app, which is suitable for Apple and Android devices, can be downloaded.

· Use your UAE Pass account to log in.

· The system will provide your dashboard with information about the automobiles registered in your name after you log in.

· Tap "My vehicles," and then from the available services list, choose "Change Vehicle Ownership."

· In order to use this service, you must not be in arrears on any fines or have a bank loan on the vehicle.

· The interested buyer's Emirates ID will then be requested from you.

·  After the system has confirmed your identification, you will be required to sign a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) after providing the Emirates ID number.

· The UAE Pass app, which offers the service inside the app, allows you to safely finish signing the agreement.

· The buyer will then receive the SPA, who must sign it in a similar way.

· After that, he or she must pay the SPA fees, which come to about Dh450, as well as a Dh20 knowledge fee charge.

· After making the payment, you have two weeks to turn in the car number plates at an RTA customer satisfaction center. To complete the ownership transfer of the car, this action is required.

· The buyer will be informed by RTA once the plates have been delivered. Then, depending on the choice, he or she can decide whether to obtain the same number for the car or select a different license plate.


What documents do I need in the UAE to sell my car? 

· An original Emirate ID

· Current auto insurance

· A UAE driving license

· A car testing certificate

· A passport photocopy is required

· Prior to advertising it, make sure all fees and payments are paid

How do I sell a car online?

Anyone interested in selling old automobiles online can sign up on CarPoint, take some decent photos, describe the vehicle in detail, and set reasonable prices.

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