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Repair Car Transmission or Replace Car: Transmission Repair Cost Guide

There's a good likelihood that repairing car transmissions won't be inexpensive. The transmission is one of the most expensive repairs you will ever have to make to your car, according to mechanics around the UAE. Continue reading to determine whether it is wise to fix your transmission, replace it, or cut your losses and sell your junk car.

In What Cases Is it Worth to Repair a Car Transmission?

When asked "How much does it cost to repair a car transmission?" the response is typically quite costly! But there are situations when the answer to the question "Is it worth fixing a transmission?" is yes! Here are a few of the more affordable scenarios where it makes sense to fix your car's transmission.

Replacement Solenoids!

Your automatic transmission's solenoid is an electro-hydraulic valve that opens and closes at predetermined intervals so that shifts occur as intended. Your automobile will struggle (or shift slowly) if the solenoid is not correctly functioning.

Trouble will be particularly noticeable when your automobile is slowing down and attempting to downshift on its own. Depending on the make and model, a solenoid repair could cost you as little as for components and labor all the way.

Replace Transmission Fluid!

There are a few indications that the transmission fluid in your car is low. Low transmission fluid can cause erratic shifting, weird grinding noises, unexpected spikes in engine speed while shifting, and unexpected up or downshifts, to name a few symptoms.

Sadly, they can also be indicators of transmission problems that are more severe. You should expect to pay to have your transmission fluid cleaned and the filter replaced, if it turns out to be only the transmission fluid (and we do mean lucky since it's the least expensive car transmission repair cost you'll find).

The More Costly Transmission Maintenance!

These are the less expensive solutions for your transmission repair because the average cost is substantially greater. Even so, it can be worthwhile for you to spend money on repairs before you decide to sell a car.

The cost of the repair and the value of your car are the two most important factors to take into account when selecting whether to fix or replace your transmission. It might be worthwhile to fix the transmission if your automobile is still worth a lot and you have some cash set aside for the expense of repairs.


The Cost of the Repair Can Exceed What Was Originally Predicted!

A mechanic might diagnose your problems based on the symptoms you describe, only to open up the transmission and discover that the damage is considerably worse than they had first assumed. Here, there are two problems.

The first problem is that you will have to pay three times as much as you had anticipated if your mechanic gave you an estimate to fix the transmission and you were happy to pay that. However, once he opened it up and discovered the real repair would cost.

The second problem is that you'll still be responsible for paying the mechanic for the few hours of work he put in merely to open up the transmission if it happens. This implies that the cost of the repair may end up being higher than you had anticipated, and even if you decide not to fix it at that time, you still owe him money for the work he previously performed!

Even if you decide to sell your trash car at this point due to the cost of repairs, you will still owe him money for labor! In addition, while you decide or acquire the funds to finish the repair, the auto repair company typically charges storage fees. A lose-lose situation.

The Fixes Can Take A Lot Longer than Anticipated!

This is particularly true if your vehicle is a historic car or a foreign vehicle that needs a transmission repair. Parts aren't usually readily available for autos like these. The time it takes to get the parts to the shop might be weeks.

That indicates that you go without an automobile for weeks. If you use a vehicle for everyday transportation, such as getting to work or dropping off the kids at school, you will be required to cover the expense of a rental vehicle while your vehicle sits idly awaiting repair. This simply implies that the costs are added one on top of the other and are paid for out of your own pocket.

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