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When I Sell My Car, Should I Cancel My Insurance?

Once you've completed the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability and signed the bill of sale and title, you can terminate your car insurance coverage.

You can still be liable for the insurance premium even after you remember to cancel or fail to complete the necessary papers. If your previous insurance company cancels your policy due to non-payment, this could result in a lapse in coverage. That will be interpreted as a risk by a new insurance.

How to Terminate Your Motor Insurance

Consult your insurance agent regarding the cancellation process as each company has its unique policy.

Although some insurance companies levy cancellation penalties, you can stop your auto insurance at any moment. If so, find out when the term of your coverage expires. It could be a good idea to sell your car right before your policy expires.

When canceling your auto insurance, bear the following points in mind:

  • Wait until you have a new policy in place before canceling your current one.
  • Don't just stop making your premium payments.
  • Verify that the cancellation was processed successfully and that you have received any applicable refund by getting in touch with the supplier again.

When I Sell My Car, Should I Keep My Car Insurance?

Depending on how often you anticipate driving, you may want to consider keeping your auto insurance after selling your car. You might opt against purchasing a new car if you reside in a city or other urban area with excellent public transportation. You might not require auto insurance in that situation.

Get non-owner auto insurance if you plan to drive sometimes but decide not to replace your automobile. This provides liability coverage for using a car that you don't own, like a friend's or rental.

In addition, there won't be a coverage gap if you decide to purchase a car later. By doing this, you can prevent the increased insurance premiums that drivers incur for intermittent coverage.



When Should I Sell My Automobile And When Should I Terminate My Insurance?

It is advisable to hold onto your insurance until the automobile is sold if it is still registered in your name. However, keeping your car insured makes financial sense in addition to addressing any legal concerns in the state in which you reside.

If an accident occurs before you can sell the automobile and you have full coverage, your insurance may prevent you from having to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Does Selling My Automobile Have To Be Disclosed To My Insurance Company?

Yes, you must notify your insurance provider that you wish to discontinue your coverage after selling your previous vehicle. Make sure your new auto insurance policy takes effect at least one day before canceling your current one.

This helps prevent you from paying more because of a lapse in coverage or skipping payments on outdated insurance that you no longer need.

If I Sell My Automobile, Will My Auto Insurance Be Refunded?

In the event that you sell your vehicle before the policy's term expires and you pay your premiums in advance, you probably qualify for a refund. Your insurance might, however, impose a cancellation fee.

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