When to Repair Your Car or Sell Your Car in Abu Dhabi?

The reasons why fixing your car is a good idea or not. Fix or sell your car in Abu Dhabi? Your twelve-year-old car has seen you through good times and bad. Without a doubt, a significant portion of your heart is in that vehicle. But as you get older, your car will experience wear and tear, and you have been investing money in it to keep it running. When is it appropriate to raise the white flag?

Before you choose to "fix it or flip it," there are three important factors to take into account when it comes to selling your junk car.

Should You Sell Your Car in Abu Dhabi or Repair It?

Prior to delving into the figures, keep in mind that there is always a range when it comes to auto repairs. Therefore, the math can only reveal so much, such as whether you're more inclined to replace or repair. There are other considerations as well, like the frequency of repairs and the amount you owe on your vehicle. When you're running your numbers, bear these in mind.

All right, let's get going. First, evaluate your carā€˜s approximate worth (no repairs). Online websites such as CarPoint.ae are excellent examples of resources that can assist you in your estimation. For the sake of argument, let's assume it is 5%. Also, 10% repair is estimated for you.

For the sake of this example, let's say that the repair will increase your car's worth to 6%. Depending on the type of repair and the general state of your car, that might not always be the case. An estimate of the value your repair will add to your car should be available from your mechanic.

In this case, you would still get your money back even if you had to sell your car right away after the repair. You're probably more inclined toward a repair in this situation. Now, if this is your daily driver and you're arriving at work later than usual once a week due to a breakdown, it may be time to assess the true cost of these repairs in terms of headaches.

However, if the car's value only increased a bit after the repair and the initial mechanic bill was closer to high, you probably feel like selling the vehicle and buy a new one. In this manner, you practically get a better car for the same money.

Repair Expenses!

Whether or not to fix your car depends in large part on how much repairs are expected to cost. It would be wiser for you to use the money for a new set of wheels if the repair costs are high.

Your best bet for estimating potential costs is to take your car to a local mechanic and have a professional diagnostic run done. However, there are a few types of repairs that will have the biggest financial impact:

  • Replacement Engine Cost
  • Replacement of a transmission
  • Replacement suspension
  • Replacement of a catalytic converter



When Is Vehicle Repair Not Worth It?

It is no longer worthwhile to keep a vehicle when repair costs start to exceed its value. This implies that vehicles that require costly repairs or are older might not be worth repairing.

When making a decision, it's a good idea to get an estimate from a mechanic and take your current car expenses into account.

When Should Your Car Be Replaced?

The "50 percent rule" is a general guideline for car ownership. It's time to get a new car when the cost of repairs starts to exceed 50% of its market value.

What is the ideal duration to own a car?

What is the ideal duration to own a car? An average car should last at least 200,000 miles, and hybrid or electric cars can last up to 300,000 miles. A normal car should last you roughly 14 years if you drive the average amount of miles that Americans do, and an electric car should last you roughly 21 years.

When do cars start to lose value the most?

What is the depreciation on cars? Depreciation on cars lasts for roughly five years, with the first year seeing the biggest loss in value. A car's value can drop by as much as 20% in the first year and as much as 40% in the first five years from the original purchase price.

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