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Can I Keep My Number Plate When I Sell My Car in UAE?

Can I keep my number plate when I sell my car? is a subject that frequently comes up if you're in the United Arab Emirates and selling a car entails several considerations and actions. For many car owners, especially those with cherished or personalised licence plates, this is a significant concern. 

We'll go over the laws, procedures, and choices that UAE automobile owners who want to keep their license plates while selling cars have in this in-depth guide.

Recognising UAE Number Plate Retention

Number plates can be more than just a means of identifying a car in the United Arab Emirates; they can also have sentimental value or even be seen as investments. The traffic department of each emirate sets restrictions regarding the retention of number plates when selling an automobile. Although these regulations may differ significantly throughout the Emirates, the general procedure and prerequisites are typically very uniform.

The Rules and Regulations to Sell My Car in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, each emirate has its own traffic agency that handles number plate management and car registration. The main authorities in the two biggest emirates are the Abu Dhabi Police and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. 

Number plate retention is permitted by both of these authorities, though the guidelines and restrictions may change.

Sell My Car in Dubai

The RTA in Dubai offers a simple process for keeping your licence plate. The steps involved are as follows:

De-registration of the car: The car you are selling must be de-registered before you can keep the licence plate. This includes paying off any unpaid fines and making sure the car passes a technical inspection.

Apply for Number Plate Retention: You can request to keep the number plate after the car has been deregistered. The RTA website, customer support offices, and approved service providers are the channels via which this can be accomplished.

Retention Fee: Holding onto a licence plate comes with a cost. According to current data, this charge annually. For a price, you can retain the licence plate for a predetermined amount of time before having to transfer it to another car or extend the retention.

Assignment to New Vehicle: You can visit the RTA and finish the required papers when you're ready to allocate the retained number plate to a new vehicle.


In summary

If you follow the right processes and fulfil the standards stipulated by the traffic authorities, it is possible to keep your licence plate while selling your car in the United Arab Emirates

Keeping your licence plate can be a wise choice, whether for sentimental reasons, financial gain, or the need for consistency. You can effectively keep and reuse your treasured number plate on your next car by being aware of the procedure and following the rules in your emirate.

Always visit the official websites of the Abu Dhabi Police or the RTA in Dubai for the most recent information and updates on number plate retention in the United Arab Emirates. To help you along the way, they offer thorough instructions, cost breakdowns, and contact details.

For more details contact right now. We are here to assist you in the best possible way when it comes to selling your car in the UAE.

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