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Can You Sell Your Car With Frame Damage?

Can you sell your car with frame damage because of the state in which you reside and the condition of the vehicle matters? The title, and the degree of the damage all play a role in the response to your query.

You must comprehend what frame damage is, how much it costs to fix, and what it affects your car in order to gauge the severity of the harm and ascertain how well your car is holding up. You can choose whether or not to try to sell your damaged car after learning these things.

Defining Frame Damage to Sell Your Car!

In essence, frame damage affects the car's support system. This is the framework made of iron or steel that supports the entire car. Any damage to that supporting frame is referred to as "frame damage." This may happen as a result of various factors:

  • Accidents at any speed
  • Road bumps and dips Speed humps, tables, and other obstructions
  • Traffic barrels, railroad rails, and other unforeseen obstructions

The severity of frame damage might range from a tiny ding or bend to a crumpled or entirely bent frame.

In most circumstances, unless your automobile is actually literally sitting sideways instead of straight, it takes a manual car inspection to determine whether or not your car has frame damage. You, your mechanic, or a body technician will need to crawl underneath the car and visually inspect it in order to do an inspection.

What Is The Price To Repair Frame Damage?

The cost of fixing frame damage is high. Frame repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, even for minor flaws. A professional technician must use particular equipment and procedures to repair the frame. A frame may occasionally be repaired to factory standards.

It can cost money to repair more severe frame damage. In the worst situations, a car with frame damage will be totaled and unable to be recovered. If it can be fixed, it will usually need major repairs that will take a lot of time. As a result, you are left without a vehicle, which forces you to either hire a vehicle or borrow someone else's vehicle while you wait.

The kind of frame the car has will also influence how long and expensive the repairs will be. There are many other kinds of frames, but the two that are most frequently used are the unibody frame and the ladder frame, so named because they are both made of one complete piece of metal. For more unusual frames, you might not even be able to get it fixed at your neighborhood mechanic because each type of frame requires a distinct approach to repair. Depending on the sort of car you drive, frame damage may be more expensive than the car is worth.

Damage to other components of the car brought on by frame damage is not included in the cost of frame repairs. In these situations, a car owner may decide that selling your damaged car is a wiser course of action.


Due to the high cost of fixing them and the possibility of developing new issues, the majority of dealerships do not deal in frame-damaged vehicles. You have the choice of selling the automobile to a junkyard, which will frequently buy the vehicle for the weight price of the vehicle, or to a used car dealership, which may occasionally offer to buy the car for a small amount.

There is the matter of liability when you sell your car privately. Numerous states have lemon laws and other regulations that forbid the sale of seriously damaged or malfunctioning autos. In any case, if you want to sell your frame-damaged car to someone, you have to tell them everything about the damage the car has because if anything is hidden, you could still be held accountable after you've sold the car.

This issue can be resolved with If you're wondering how much a car with a bent frame is worth, read on. On our website, you can request a quick quote. Additionally, we'll come to you and tow the car for no charge. Additionally, we assume complete duty for the vehicle when we buy it from you, releasing you from all obligations as soon as you sell your car to us. Most transactions can be finished in a single day.

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