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How to Sell a Car If Your Emirates ID is Expired?

Can I sell a car without an Emirates ID? According to the UAE's Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), a valid passport will be sufficient if the seller's Emirates ID is expired.

If residents of Dubai choose to sell a used car, they must abide by the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) strict car ownership regulations. Before putting the vehicle on the road, the buyer must formally transfer ownership in their name. As a result, a used car buyer must submit an RTA application to change the ownership of a vehicle.

Evidence that the car is formally registered in the name of the new buyer is the transfer vehicle ownership certificate and an ownership title from RTA. If you're considering selling a used automobile in Dubai, keep reading to learn how to request a transfer of ownership.

Who Can Request A Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership to Sell a Car Without Emirates ID?

Both businesses and individuals may submit an application for a transfer of vehicle ownership. What documents are needed to file an application for transfer of vehicle ownership?

The following list of documents must be submitted with the request application in order to transfer ownership of the car from the seller:

The following scenarios pertain to people:

  • The vehicle's seller's authentic Emirates ID. The vendor must present their genuine passport if the Emirates ID is invalid or expired.
  • If the buyer is a GCC national (or a local), they must provide an original Emirates ID and a copy of a current passport to correct any expired information.
  • If the new buyer is a diplomat, they must show both a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a current diplomatic card.
  • The new buyer must submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to register the car if they are a Dubai resident and their residence visa is sponsored by the Oilfields Supply Centre.

Additionally, each individual purchaser from the aforementioned categories must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The vehicle's electronic insurance document is also necessary.
  • It is required to add or redeem the mortgage electronically if the vehicle is financed.
  • Additionally required is the technical inspection certificate for the vehicle.
  • The prior plate numbers should be delivered to the center first if the seller wants to keep them.
  • A police report must be provided in the event that one or both of the vehicle's number plates are lost. This also holds true for the motorcycle's missing license plate.

Documents Required to Sell a Car with an Expire Emirate ID!

The following paperwork is needed if you're a business applying for a transfer vehicle ownership certificate:

  • A formal letter in Arabic, a copy of the commercial license, an endorsement of signature, and an authorization letter that has been court-certified.
  • The vehicle's computerized insurance document.
  • It is required to add or redeem the mortgage electronically if the vehicle is financed.
  • The certificate of technical inspection for the vehicle is required.
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is necessary if the businesses are based in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai Technology, Media Free Zone, or Media Free Zone.
  • The plate numbers must first be delivered to the center if the vendor intends to keep them on hand.
  • For both bikes and cars, when one or both license plates are lost, the police are required to provide an electronic report.


Conditions for Transferring Car Ownership In Dubai!

When you ask to have ownership of a vehicle changed into your name, the following terms and conditions apply.

  • To apply for the process, the client (new buyer) or a legal agent must be in person.
  • If the vehicle's seller is unavailable, the new buyer must present a letter from an authorized showroom.
  • Before receiving the service, the new customer must pay all outstanding traffic fines.
  • The charge for changing the ownership of the car must be paid by the new buyer.
  • The buyer must apply for registration, export, possession, or transfer service in order to transfer ownership of the car.

A customer who has a residence visa from non-Dubai emirates must comply with one of the following requirements in order to register a vehicle:

You own a property or other type of investment in Dubai. You work for a corporation with a branch in Dubai.  You must provide evidence that you are a resident of Dubai, such as a tenancy agreement that the Real Estate Regulatory Authority has approved or a recent phone or electricity bill.

You work for a regional organization that has an office in Dubai, a government or semi-government body, or both. If you are a student in Dubai, you have a letter from the university that is official. For the transfer of car ownership in Dubai, if you do not have a traffic file, you must submit the following documents:

  • The original Emirates ID is required from all citizens.
  • Residents of all Emirates, including Dubai, must submit their residence visa. Along with a copy of a valid passport, a copy of a resident visa, and a copy of an Emirates ID, are also required.
  • The companies must produce an original commercial license if they are institutions or establishments. A copy of the commercial license is required for businesses with licenses from the Department of Economic Development.
  • Here is where the detailed instructions on how to request a car ownership transfer finish. To obtain the car legally registered in their name, all those people and businesses interested in selling a used car in Dubai must adhere to the steps listed. Don't forget to gather the necessary paperwork for selling a car in Dubai, whether it be new or used, and send it with your request application.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the methods outlined above are not the same for transferring ownership of an automobile between Emirates. If you live in the capital, for instance, you would transfer your car ownership to Abu Dhabi.

For additional information on the regulations and guidelines for purchasing and selling vehicles throughout the Emirates, keep checking the UAE's most popular auto blog

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