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How to Sell Car in Dubai to Get the Best Possible Price?

Sell car in Dubai and in the UAE is not a simple process. Selling your car in Dubai means accepting that it might be a drawn-out and frequently frustrating process. Your goal is to negotiate the best price for your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Although selling a car on your own is not a difficult task, it does take time and effort. You will, however, have the greatest discretion over the amount you wish to receive for your vehicle. This can be accomplished by posting or listing your car on message boards or in online classifieds.

As an alternative, selling your car to a company that buys cars is the easiest and quickest way to trade it in for quick cash. The fact that these companies usually pay you less and then resell your car to a buyer for more money often after giving your car an interior and exterior touchup is a drawback of this.

Continue reading to compare the various approaches for selling your used car in Dubai and determine which is best for your circumstances.

Get Your Car Ready to Sell Car in Dubai!

You will need to get ready before you sell your car. Before selling your car, you should do the following five things:

1. Have Your Car Assessed By a Car Dealer or Company!

You don't have to take your car to them. Over the phone or through chat, you can get a reasonable estimate for your car. Try not to base your price on what other people are paying for comparable cars on classified ads. What you're doing here is.

2. Define Your Selling Price!

You should be able to estimate how much you could get for your car based on the estimate you receive from a professional car valuation. You could increase it by a few hundred or thousand dirhams, but be careful not to raise the price of your vehicle above what other cars on the market are asking. Even so, you ought to be requesting less for the same vehicle than a used-car dealer would. After determining your budget.!

3. Spot Clean Your Car!

A four-week-old drink spill from a drive-thru run is the last thing a prospective buyer wants to see. Now that your car is looking as presentable as possible, what better way to impress potential buyers?


The drawbacks of using classified ads to sell your car

  • Frequently a laborious and a little annoying procedure
  • Customers can contact you at any time of day and want comprehensive information about your car.
  • Potential "no-shows" are fictitious purchasers who will indicate interest and schedule a meeting but fail to appear
  • If you disclose your phone number in your car advertisement, you risk being messaged or called by jokers, con artists, and fraudsters.

The fact that there is no fee and you have more control over the sale price makes using classified ads to sell your car an easy option. Unfortunately, the process is typically slower because you have to wait for potential buyers, get in touch with them, conduct negotiations, and schedule a meeting—all of which can take some time. Closing a deal with a buyer can take weeks or months, and if you're lucky, it might even take less than a week.

Whether or not this is the best option for you will depend in large part on how urgently you need to sell your car in Dubai; if you have the time, the answer is obvious.

Sell Your Vehicle To A Company That Buys Cars!

Using a car-buying company in Dubai to sell your car is the quickest and least profitable option. You'll receive a worse deal, there may be paperwork involved, and there may be a fee. This approach is preferable, though, if you have to trade in your car for quick cash and don't have the time to wait around and haggle with buyers.

Crucial Considerations After Selling Your Vehicle!

  • Provide the buyer with a receipt for the amount of the deposit they paid or the total sale price of the car.
  • If the item is still covered by a dealer or manufacturer warranty, provide copies of all pertinent documentation, including the warranty.
  • Assign any spare keys, accessories, logbook, manual, and service booklet to the new owner.
  • Remove your personal belongings and e-tags from the vehicle.
  • The ownership transfer process must be completed by both you and the buyer.
  • Make a phone call to your insurance provider to cancel your coverage for your old vehicle.
  • To guarantee that the new owner receives any Salik charges, traffic infractions, and other road fines issued after the sale, deregister the vehicle from your accounts.
  • When you and the buyer are at an authorized RTA center to transfer ownership of the car, do make an effort to accept payment for the vehicle. Before transferring ownership of a used car, take any checks you receive for payment to a bank to have them verified in order to guard against potential fraud.

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