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I Am Selling My Car in Dubai. What Is the Best Way?

When I tried to sell my car in Dubai three years ago, I discovered how challenging, time-consuming, and dangerous the process was. I was not an expert in cars; I didn't know much more than the year, make, and model of my vehicle, much less the legal procedures involved in selling a used car.

After three months, I established the first auto-buying service in the Middle East, promising to acquire any car in thirty minutes. After 2.5 years, we have grown to be the biggest used car buyer in the area and have served all residents in the United Arab Emirates. 

These are my observations, advice, and questions to ask while selling a car in the United Arab Emirates to prevent fraudulent auto sales.


How Can I Sell My Car to Someone?

I listed my automobile on an internet classifieds website, and even then, I've gotten a lot of calls at all hours of the day and night from different (strange) persons. Without even seeing my automobile, the majority of them just tried their luck and gave me half of what I had requested. 

Many people have contacted me; I hastily set up meetings with them at my residence, but nearly all of them either never showed up or arrived much later than expected. I had to be approachable in case I ended up having people knock on my house. I didn't appreciate having to give my home address to strangers because there was no privacy.

No one had purchased my car after four weeks of irritating haggling; instead, they had all complained about the price, some unexplained damage, or a strange noise coming from the vehicle. I now realize that an automobile depreciates by two to three percent per month, therefore I had already lost a significant amount of money by not being able to sell my car soon. 

In addition, I was taking a chance each time someone asked to take a test drive in my car because they weren't covered by insurance. He could have simply destroyed it.

These days, listing a car on a classified website comes with a fee and there's no assurance that it will sell.


  • Don't waste too much time attempting to sell your car because it will eventually lose value.
  • Don't pay to get your automobile sold.
  • Keep your test drives with strangers safe.
  • Maintain your privacy. Keep your home address and phone number private from strangers.

Giving Something to a Dealer?

I have therefore attempted to sell my vehicle to a dealer's showroom. Upon first observation, I saw that the majority of the dealers I went to were uninterested in my automobile because it wasn't "certifiable." 

To put it another way, my automobile didn't suit their "brand strategy" because it was more than a year or two old. To put it simply: Unless I commit to buying a brand-new automobile from them, their showroom space wasn't worth it. He would have simply sent my automobile to another trader for a kickback in any event. Either he would make me an offer at a low price, or he would just flatly refuse to buy my automobile. 

What Is the UAE's Official Procedure for Selling Cars?

So you've decided to sell your car and have located a buyer. I was in a similar predicament and was ignorant of the procedures needed to change my car's ownership. After going to the RTA office and waiting in queue, I discovered that I was indeed without a sales contract. 

Absolutely no protection. What happens if I'm never paid? What would happen if I was paid less than we agreed upon? Should I receive payment or transfer the title first? How am I compensated? Money laundering rules make it illegal to possess cash over a specific quantity. It can also be counterfeit money or less. A wire transfer could take a long time to process, and a check could bounce.

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