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How to Change Car Ownership in Dubai?

If you follow the correct procedures, changing your car ownership in Dubai is simple. Find out the procedure for changing a car's ownership in the United Arab Emirates from seller to buyer.

How Can a Pre-Owned Car's Registration Be Transferred?

You've made the decision that it's time to sell your car and give the new owner in the UAE ownership. But before you do, make sure you know exactly how to transfer your car's registration to a new owner.

An explanation of the process for transferring car ownership in the United Arab Emirates, including the paperwork and expenses involved, is given in this article.

In the United Arab Emirates, people and companies can transfer the registration of a used car through the RTA's online portal or by visiting authorised Vehicle Registration Centres directly.

  • The Vehicle Inspection Certificate, the Original Emirates ID of the Buyer, and the Original Emirates ID of the Seller are the primary documents needed to file for a transfer of ownership.
  • The category, capacity, weight, and other service requirements of the car affect how much it will cost to transfer ownership.
  • The procedures to register the vehicle in the buyer's name include paying off past-due fines and loan balances, submitting the required paperwork, and having the vehicle technically inspected.

To lawfully transfer the ownership of a used car in the United Arab Emirates, a process known as automotive ownership transfer must be completed. The vehicle's seller and buyer must comprehend the procedure and carry out each step precisely.

For all the information you require about the ownership transfer of a vehicle, read our comprehensive guide. Before continuing, be aware of these five points.


Automobile Examination

The next action is to have your car go through a technical test and receive a "Pass" report. This may be done in any Shamil centre in your area, and it will take about 30 minutes to finish. The buyer has the option to alter the licence plate via this procedure as well.

 Accompanying Documentation

The buyer needs to get a new auto insurance policy established in their name to transfer the registration of your vehicle. After the papers about the auto insurance coverage are in place, the seller can register the car in the buyer's name. When ownership is transferred between emirates, the car must be moved by truck because an unregistered car cannot be driven without a licence plate.

As a significant asset, your car should be handled carefully during the ownership transfer procedure. Purchasing the appropriate auto insurance policy for your vehicle and comprehending all the procedures involved are just two of the many preparations and thoughts that go into transferring ownership of an automobile.

A fantastic option to safeguard your used car in the United Arab Emirates is to purchase auto insurance with the assistance of an insurance broker. This not only gives you a full range of coverage, but it also facilitates the transfer of car ownership in the United Arab Emirates. 

A variety of automobile insurance plans are available providing thorough coverage for your used car at affordable prices. The insurance brokers will make sure that the transfer of your vehicle's registration proceeds without a hitch.

Contact us right now for any of your needs related to auto insurance!

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