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I Am Selling My Used Car in Dubai. What is the Best Way?

I am selling my used car in Dubai because every automobile owner may choose to sell their used vehicle at some point. Obtaining additional funds or switching to a higher-segment vehicle may be the cause.

However, if you are unprepared for the procedure or have not done enough research, selling a second-hand car can be exhausting. Before choosing a choice, numerous factors need to be taken into account. So, if you want to study the procedure and are unclear on how to sell used cars in the UAE, we can help!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to sell a used car in the UAE for the highest price.

Things to Sort Out Before Selling My Used Car in Dubai!

The following is a checklist you can examine before beginning the automobile selling process to guarantee a seamless sale:

1. Remove the Salik Tag!

After installation, Salik tags let you pass through the UAE's toll gates. However, before offering your car to a new customer, you must take off the Salik sticker. Your Salik account balance could be forfeited if the buyer keeps using your tag because it will be registered in their name.

2. Clear Outstanding Fines or Loans!

You should settle all outstanding fines, including those for speeding, parking infractions, and other fees that were assessed. Additionally, if you borrowed money to buy the car, think about paying off any outstanding bank debt before selling it. Otherwise, the RTA department won't let you transfer ownership of the vehicle.


3. Sell a Car Online Privately!

Selling the car yourself is an alternative if you don't want to squander your precious time in the drawn-out buying and selling process. In this case, you can skip involving any traders or dealers.

On several online auto marketplaces or platforms, you can post adverts with digital images and special vehicle attributes. These online markets let you reach millions of potential buyers and make it easy for you to sell your used car swiftly for a competitive price.


·      You receive the entire sale's proceeds.

·      You receive the most value for your car, if not exactly,

·      There are no other parties involved.

·      A larger pool of prospective purchasers

·      Involves less expense


·      You're on your own to handle everything.

·      Scheduling times and dates in accordance with purchasers can be difficult.

·      If you want to sell your car privately, you might have to wait a while before purchasing a new one.

How to List Your Used Car for the Right Price!

Before putting your automobile up for sale on websites, you can receive an online car valuation from CarPoint. It will instantly give you a price estimate for your automobile, enabling you to sell it for the highest possible amount. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly clean and wash the vehicle before taking and posting online. Here are a few illustrations of automotive commercial images.

Although selling an automobile can be a little difficult, it isn't always the case. With the right direction and helpful advice, you can figure out how to make things simpler. Look no further if you're seeking the fastest and safest way to sell your car. To find potential buyers and the greatest price for your old automobile, get in touch with CarPoint and post it on our website.

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