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A Guide to Selling Your Car to a Junkyard

One of the simplest and least complicated methods of selling your junk car or damaged car for cash when it's no longer roadworthy is to sell it to a junkyard. Nonetheless, being aware of the appropriate actions to take will enable you to be ready and secure the greatest bargain.

We'll go over some steps in more detail below when it comes to junking your car:

Determine Your Title When Selling Your Car

At the very least, you will need to find the vehicle title to sell your car to a junkyard. The title certificate proves who owns the vehicle and lets the junkyard know you aren't just trashing someone else's old car.

If the car is still running, locate the registration as well. You will present your driver's license or another official state ID as identification when you arrive at the junkyard.

Does Junking a Car Require a Title?

No, a title is not usually required to junk your car, but it can complicate matters. The title of an automobile verifies who owns it and documents any sales agreements. If you don't have the title, the junkyard will offer you less for your car because it has to apply for a salvage title. Without a title, some junkyards can simply decline to accept an automobile.

Alternatively, before visiting the junkyard, you can obtain a duplicate title from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state. You'll have a higher chance of selling the automobile to a junkyard and receiving the best offer if you do this, but there will be a cost involved.

Check with the DMV to see if your state accepts the registration or bill of sale for your car as evidence of ownership.

Look Up Nearby Junkyards

You can find out what's around by conducting an online search for something like "junkyards near me." You may also try searching for these companies with another term like online junk car buyers, junk car buyers near me, etc.

Search for trustworthy locations with positive reviews. Your car shouldn't be left unregistered in a junkyard where it can leak fluids into the surrounding air. Reputable salvage businesses adhere to regulations for carefully recycling car parts and disposing of fluids.

You can also choose to dispose of your used car for a good cause. If you itemize, you can be eligible for a tax deduction, and many organizations will pick up your scrap car for free.


Select the Best Deal

Your car might be valued differently by different junkyards. It's possible that one junkyard would regard these products more highly than another since it has greater connections for reselling electronics.

By comparing several offers, you can determine which junkyard will provide you the best price. Choose the one that best suits your budget, taking into account scheduling flexibility and towing.

Get Your Car Ready for Sale

It's now time to get your car ready for the junkyard. After you sign the car over, you won't be allowed to remove any personal items, so make sure you clean it out. Take out any installed electronics, such as a dash cam or navigation system.

In addition, take off the licence plates if you don't intend to drive the vehicle to the junkyard. If you still have car insurance, set up a time to get your coverage cancelled.

The Bottom Line of Selling a Car to a Junkyard

Junking a car will earn you some cash for a vehicle that would otherwise just take up space, but it will take some time if you compare offers and search for reliable used car buyers in your area.

Get immediate offers online from if you want to avoid the trouble of calling junkyards.

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