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May I Give Someone Permission to Sell My Car in Dubai?

Yes, you can prepare a Power of Attorney and give someone permission to sell my car in Dubai. Pay the necessary fees, appear in person to witness the signing, and turn in the notarized document to the appropriate authorities, including the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Documents Needed to Sell My Car in Dubai

The particular paperwork needed to give someone permission to sell your car in Dubai may differ, but generally speaking, you'll need the following:

A notarized and attested Power of Attorney (POA) gives the designated individual the authority to sell your car on your behalf.

Both your Emirates ID and passport: Send copies of your Emirates ID and passport.

The authorized person's passport and Emirates ID: Copies of the authorized person's passport and ID from Emirates.

Vehicle Registration Card: It is necessary to have an authentic Mulkiya vehicle registration card.

Vehicle Sale Agreement: Draft a contract outlining the terms of the sale between you and the buyer.

Insurance Certificate: Please send a copy of your driver's license.

Safety Certificate: A vehicle's safety certificate could be necessary for some transactions.

Valid UAE driver's license held by the designated individual: a copy of the authorized person's current driver's license from the UAE.

Selling Certificate: Following the completion of the selling procedure, this can be acquired from the Dubai Traffic Department.

The Bank's Letter of No Objection (NOC): You could want a No Objection Certificate from the bank verifying that there are no unpaid balances if the vehicle was financed.

Please be aware that regulations are subject to change. To make sure you get the most recent and accurate information for your particular circumstance, it's crucial to verify with the Dubai Traffic Department or legal experts.


What Does a Power of Attorney Mean in Dubai When Selling a Car?

A power of attorney is a legal instrument that gives someone the authority to sell your vehicle in Dubai on your behalf. The person you designate as your agent must sign the ownership documents for your car for ownership to be transferred. 

This is so that the agent can act as the car's owner on your behalf by signing the paperwork. Put another way, you can obtain a power of attorney to sell a car in Dubai if you wish to sell it but are unable to be there to sign the ownership documents.

How Can I Get a Power of Attorney in Dubai to Sell My Car?

To obtain a power of attorney to sell an automobile in Dubai, there are a few options available to you. Depending on who you are selling the automobile to, you can choose whichever works best for you. You can obtain POA in the following ways, depending on to whom you're selling the car: - If you're selling your automobile to a UAE resident, you can designate any citizen of the UAE as your agent and they will sell your car on your behalf. 

Any resident of the UAE may be designated as your agent to sell your used car on your behalf. Any national of the United Arab Emirates may be this, including friends, family, coworkers, and even licensed auto dealers.

Does Selling a Car in Dubai Require a POA?

Indeed. A power of attorney (POA) is unquestionably necessary if you wish to sell your car without being there. It is necessary to transfer ownership of your car to a new owner. This is because the buyer will need to visit the RTA, get the ownership of the automobile transferred, and pay the relevant fees if you attempt to sell the car without a POA. 

However, if you have a POA, the agent you have designated will have the authority to attend the RTA, transfer ownership, and settle any associated costs on your behalf.

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